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TripWave 2 / Modern Russian Psychedelic

From upcoming Trail Records release "TripWave 2 - Collection of Modern Russian Psychedelic Music". This compilation album is dedicated to the music of contemporary Russian psychedelic rock bands. In addition to numbers by some well-established and relatively known to the Western audiences acts like Ole Lukkoye, Rada&Blackthorns and Polska Radio One, our present collection includes tracks by very young artists who express their bright and affecting ideas in this genre. Their fresh approach to psychedelic music, combined with the more traditional influence of Russia’s musical capitals (Moscow & St Petersburg) where most of the tracks were recorded, creates a unique new musical aesthetic. This is a rewarding trip of discovery of the new music and its young creators, and it gives you a good idea of what’s happening on the Russian psychedelic rock stage.

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Shipping Included   $14.99

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Listen :

  • Ciolkowska
  • Rada & BlackThorn
  • Bowl Of Knowledge
  • Sonora
  • Cosmic Triggers

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