Ostap und Frau Anne / Mirrors of Infinity

"Mirrors of Infinity" is our grand experiment with word and sound. More than that, it is an experiment with the energy of a moment in time, a telepathic thought, an ability to decipher an emotion from afar among the intuits in us.

As a concept album, it was being conceived, written, and recorded in parallel with our meeting and getting to know each other, and going through various phases of our joint and individual lives. The album tells a story, though which story precisely - you will have to decide for yourself. These songs, melodies, spoken words, and improvisations will mean something different to each listener. The album also includes audio recordings of several poets’ voices--both dead and still living--that inspired us along the way.

Aside from being a story teller, the album is also a traveler. A portable studio concept – it has traveled everywhere we traveled to and recorded all over the globe - from a small flat on Montmartre to an ocean-view room in Jamaica, from the edge of the cliff of a Santorini cave home, to the dark sweaty hotel room of Havana. When we couldn't communicate in person, we would send fragments of audio/ visual inspirations back and forth, sometimes several times over, until we had a virtual product we were ready to realize. Sometimes we would leave a melody or an idea behind and return to it in a year; some tracks never materialized at all.

So now it is yours for the taking. Bon Voyage!

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Listen :

  • Caldera
  • Time Walker
  • Comfort Zone
  • Escape From Duality
  • Behind The Rain
  • Hermits of The Wheel
  • Under The Sky
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