Exclusive Source of World Psychedelic Music.  

Trail Records
- Exclusive Source of World Psychedelic Music 

The company was founded in 2007 by two artists who collaborate to produce and release the creative work of musicians from different cultural backgrounds and traditions. We realize that there’s a lot of talented artists around the globe who produce ingenious work that never had a chance to be discovered for lack of financial support or promotion.


We collect original material from musicians and translate it into unique CD albums in limited editions as rarity collections. Mass production is not a priority for us. We strongly believe that music should be recognized as a form of Art in the first place - right above the commercial interests. The best promotion for us and the artists who choose our trail would be your appreciation.

From founders of the label TRAIL RECORDS - Alexander Tsalikhin (sculptor) and Vlad Milyavsky ( artist & photographer):

The idea to unite under the name of “Trail Records” was born spontaneously, yet very naturally. The name itself was defined as a “Trail,” with the logotype showing entangled paths. This very direction, as was later proved, set the foundations for the development of our label, wherein we attempted to unite the ethnic and cultural differences of the individual approaches towards psychedelic music under a friendly and open to ideas publishing and producing studio “Trail Records.” We can confidently say the music content was always much more important to us than the financial dividends it would later bring. Nevertheless, we’ve always been delighted with the success of the artists our label introduced to music lovers around the world, and advertised through known music publications, Internet portals, and radio transmissions. Another area worthy of mention is the revival of the concept album, which is essential to the label. The concept album, in our view, has lost its relevance as a result of the development of new formats of expression on one hand; along with the loss of interest of the musicians themselves as well as their audience, on the other hand. We’ve always attempted to offer the artists we work with our conceptual vision of the album, from title, to visual direction, to gathering of the music material itself. We work in close communication with musicians and offer utmost respect to their creative visions. Once we receive the original material, we examine it carefully with our sound engineer George Dugan, whose experience spans over 30 years at numerous New York recording studios with such famous musicians as Miles Davis and many others. Both the audiences and the musicians themselves have long noted George’s professional and individual approach towards every album, as well as his natural instinct in the organization and optimization of sound. Over time, publishing and reproducing lesser-known psychedelic and/or alternative music from assorted corners of the world, we, inadvertently, began referring to the style as “World Psychedelic Music” amongst ourselves. It pleases us greatly that our audiences and artists alike have begun using this very tag as well.

Trail Records


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